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Fast acting cleaner additives for the air induction side of fuel injection systems and carburetors of motorcycles.

Solution width no mecanics hand!

Helpfull tool to restore motorbike or motorcycle perfomance with cost reducion

Full System Clean

TNT anf 55K additives are the latest development in the field of fuel-system cleaner will free carburettor valves, linkages and choke pistons and cleans injector heads and air flow valves.

Dirty Fuel Injectors

55K it's one of those simple things a person can do without having to replace any parts or any under the hood work 



55K is the latest development additives in the field of fuel-system cleaners. Developed to meet the most recent environmental standards, 55K rapidly and thoroughly dissolves resin, gum, carbon and similar deposits in the fuel system, the exhaust gas oxy-sensor and the catalytic converter.



Cleaning width additives injection and Carburetors. Total combustion technology. Secure en catalytic converters. Unhook and dissolves rapidly rubber, oil and varnish.
Quick drying combined with total combustion technology leaves no residues. Increases engine performance. TNT is an excellent cleaner for the air induction side of engine management systems in the market.
It is extremely efficient at removing residues from throttle bodies, PCB injection valves and other components. Vehicles are able to run on TNT, so the product can be safely sprayed into these areas whilst the vehicle is running, therefore flushing all contaminants through the exhaust system. For customers specialising in older vehicles, TNT is a 1st class carburettor cleaner.



Loss of compression is often caused by carbon deposit on the piston rings or by agglomeration on the valves. In the latter case, the build-up can be so severe that it prevents the valves from closing properly - in extreme situations, this can even result in burnt valves. 55K dissolves this carbon deposit, so that these problems are not only eliminated but can even be prevented.



Among the components on which carbon deposits agglomerate are piston rings. This causes them to lose their tension and considerably reduces the effectiveness of the seal between the piston and the cylinder. This, in its turn, allows an excessive amount of oil to seep into the combustion chamber, where it ignites. Not only does this increase oil consumption, it also causes further carbon build-ups in the cylinders. The oil/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber combusts incompletely, resulting in the emission both of environmentally-harmful exhaust gases, such as CO2-NOx, and soot: these emissions considerably shorten the life of your valuable catalytic converter.



Foulness of the carburetor or injection system can be caused not only by deposits in the fuel tank, but also by build-up in the crankcase breather that bonds to the air filter. Jets and injectors (in diesel engines: atomizers) become plugged and valves get dirty, resulting in a change in the fuel supply and/or error codes in the engine management system and/or a strongly fluctuating lambda signal. In this situation, it becomes almost impossible to achieve a correct air-fuel ratio. These problems, combined (as before) with an incomplete sealing of the cylinders, cause fuel consumption to rise. Tests on fouled engines have revealed that the addition of 55K can reduce fuel consumption by 5 - 12%, in accordance with ECE standards.



When carbon settles on the valves, it absorbs some of the fuel that is being fed to the cylinders. It is precisely at those moments when you put your foot down (when accelerating, for example, or climbing hills) that this accumulated fuel is sucked up again, which can cause excessive fuel to be fed to the cylinders. The detonation of this fuel, which combusts only with difficulty, can be heard in the form of 'engine knock'. 55K offers you a vigorous and speedy way of removing the offending carbon build-up.



When an engine that has been tuned to manufacturer specifications 'runs on', it is a sign that so much carbon has agglomerated that it will start smoldering as long as the engine is running. This means that, even when the ignition has been switched off, the engine will run on until all the fuel in the combustion chamber has been completely burned up. This is why it is so important to remove any carbon that has agglomerated on the pistons and the cylinder head.


How to use 55K

Add 300 ml of product addives to be 40-60 litres of fuel.
To be used during maintenance or in case of failures or emission tests.


How to use T.N.T.

Injection systems: Remove the valve and spray with the product. The engine is warm and functioning, shut down the air duct closest possible injection system.
Spray the addive inside of the intake tube for 5 to 10 seconds. Repeat if necessary, make connecting the air duct of carburetor systems: with the hot engine, remove the air filter and spray the carburetor to prevent clogging of the valve.
Lock and turn off the fuel supply and allow to dry float Chamber. Fill the float Chamber with the product and let Act during 5-10 minutes.
Turn on the engine and speed several times to clean the system; Please fill the float Chamber with the product for a minute and then speed up empty.
Make connecting the fuel pipes and spray all the other links and CARB control valves.


Using 55K





Fuel System Cleaners Motorbike and motorcycles. This additives Protect your engine with fuel system cleaners, valve cleaners, injector cleaners, catalytic converter cleaners, intake cleaners, and other cleaners. 2Q. 

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