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Gowin line is a system of natural personal care products, providing balanced muscle, skin, and bodycare for the active person dedicated to fitness or endurance sports

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This formula are produce on pharmaceutical laboratories on Swiss over high quality standarts

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2qbike has the preference of athletes association. The intensive contact to athletes guarantees innovate products on highest quality-level

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Gowin Warm, warms up the muscle intensely and equably. It assists to shorten the muscle warm-up, helps prevent muscle spasm.



Gowin Warm Oil is preparation oil, suitable for all sports in mild to warm weather conditions. When applied, Gowin Warm Oil works deep within layers of soft tissue, stimulating not only the muscle itself but also the associated ligaments and tendons, minimising risk of injury and maximising elasticity. The carefully selected ingredients help optimise blood circulation, local oxygen uptake, the transport of nutrients and the excretion of waste products within the muscles during activity. Active Muscle Oil's active ingredients work continually during exercise, optimising muscular function, therefore minimising fatigue and the risk of injury.


• Stimulates blood circulation.
• Helps prevent muscular and aches and pains.
• Deeply working ingredients reduce injury risk.
• Optimises local oxygen uptake in the muscles.
• Improves muscular and connective tissue elasticity.
• Helps minimise muscular fatigue and cramp.
• Doesn't coagulate the pores.



is an intensive cooling gel, which fights the build up of fluid, swelling and bruising during the repair process, preventing muscle and connective tissue fatigue, enhancing tissue repair. This potent gel is absorbed deep into the soft tissues, relaxing the fascia and muscle tissues, drawing the lid out of the joint and the surrounding connective tissues. Green 5 Cooling Muscle Relaxant is therefore unparalleled in its ability to enhance the recovery process.


• Intense cooling acts fast to give immediate relief.
• Fights build up of fluid, swelling and bruising.
• Relaxes tired and aching muscles and joints.
• Repairs micro tears in soft tissues.
• Facilitates recovery.



Gowin Relax After-Sport Shower Gel for Hair and Body.
Developed with athletes, its unique 3 in 1 formula combines a smooth Shower Gel with a gentle shampoo and a pleasant shaving gel , which provides an invigorating masculine sport fragrance.
All-Sport everyday shampoo gel, ideal for sports enthusiasts who shampoo frequently.
The revitalizing gel with advanced MICRO TEC-Technology offers mild cleansing for body and hair while developing into a caring foam that smoothes the skin and allows a soft yet thorough shave.
Recharge your batteries with every shower.
Gowin Relax prolongs the feeling of freshness after doing sports. Minerals and vitamins revitalize your skin and gives you back energy.
The vitalizing scent gives you long lasting freshness and new energy after a workout


• A gentle cleansing rinse.
• Ideal for those who wash their hair every day or more frequently – and for those with dry hair.
• Excellent for swimmers and other sports-participants who have to wash their hair often, even though it may not be soiled.
• 3 in 1 gentle cleansing, shaving and conditioning formula.
• Suitable for frequent use.
• Soap free.
• pH skin-balanced.
• Dermatologically tested.



Bike Clean cleans and details all bikes, moutain bikes, btt hard surfaces instantly. Deep cleans the toughest cycle road grime and dirt without streaking or spotting. Leaves paint, chrome, lexan and fairings shining. Just spray on and wipe off.2Q

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