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Leading chain manufacturers suggest you use kerosene to clean your chain.
X99 Chain Degreaser / Clean contains mostly kerosene, as recommended.
If your chain cleaner does not contain kerosene, then you could be distressing your O-rings.
X99 Chain Degreaser / Clean is formulated to remove heavy residue and deposits efficiently from chains, sprockets, rims and swing arms.
It won’t harm O, X & Z rings or plastics.
Regular use and cleaning with X99 Chain Clean with Kerosene extends chain life and optimizes performance.


How To Use

Ensure the engine is always off.
Cleaning is easier if you use a centre stand.
Place newspaper or a drip pan under the work area of the chain and rear sprocket.
While slowly turning your rear wheel with one hand, spray X99 Chain Clean with the other hand, ensuring you completely saturate all areas of the chain and sprockets. Place newspaper behind the chain to prevent overspray onto your tire and rim. Allow it to soak for two minutes.
Spray again for dirtier chains. Some chains may require a second cleaning.
Rinsing methods: We strongly recommend a jet of water, followed by wiping clean with a cloth or paper towels, then air drying. It is very important to wipe off all dirt and to rinse well. This will ensure your chain lube will do its job.


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"X99 Chain Clean is the best way for cleaning motorbike and motorcycle chains, there are no more excuses for a dirty chain - Chains accumulate a lot of dirt and grime which, if ignored, turns into a very costly grinding paste particularly on multi-geared"

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2011-03-31 owen .... I have used this product for the first time today, then went out for a 4 hour ride in damp conditions and with salt and grime still present on the roads. When I returned, I washed the bike and was amazed to see how clean it turned out, the muck and grime came off so easily thanks to the protective film from the bike spray. Highly recommended !!!!!

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