Dry, Wet, Ptfe, Ceramic or 100% Dry?





CERAMICALLY REINFORCED XJ1 Ceramic Lubes XJ1 are lubricants that have been engineered with the latest development in lubrication technology - some pretty intense nano chemestry that has combined ceramic platelets with fluoropolymers to deliver extremely impressive performance. XJ1 Ceramic is most advanced and most effective wet-style racing lubricant.

This full synthetic lubricant is enhanced with a nano-sized platelets of ceramic boron nitride and micron particles of fluoropolymer. It builds a ceramic coating on the frictional surfaces. You'll immediately notice an unequalled smoothness and quietness.

1p A WET LUBE is a traditional oily lube that goes on wet and stays wet. It features excellent water resistance, film strength and long-lasting performance. 
A Wet Lube will also perform better in muddy, off-road conditions because it will hold out more of the mud and crud due to its high water resistance.
With a Wet Lube, when you suspect that you will be riding in dry, dusty conditions, always wipe down the outside of the chain, removing any excess lube to minimize the accumulation of dirt into the drivetrain.
1p Ptfe XJ3 Powerful anti-rust additives protect the drivetrain and make for an excellent winter-storage treatment.
XJ3 is the perfect choice for cyclists who are new to “bike maintenance” and cyclists, like commuters, who may lack the time to focus on optimum chain cleaning and optimum chain lubrication. XJ3 Lubricant is regarded by many to be the best of the Wet Lubes.
1p FINISH DRY lube are those that go on wet, penetrate, and then set up in a dry state. FINISH DRY Lube made with Teflon® fluoropolymer was the first lube of this type. It has become the best-selling dry lube in the bicycle market.
By setting up in a non-liquid state, a FINISH DRY Lube does not attract dirt to the drivetrain. You can ride through some pretty dusty, dirty conditions and the drivetrain will not turn into a greasy, grimy mess of grinding paste.
The disadvantage of FINISH DRY: they have low water resistance and will wear quickly in rainy conditions or on rides with multiple deep stream crossings. The hot tip with a dry lube is to lube the night before your ride, to allow the lube to fully set up and dry so you have minimum dirt attraction during your ride.
1p 100% Dry Lube  Are great for those who don’t want to clean their chains. Some lubricant, are so dry that you can rub your leg or sleeve against them and they will not leave a stain. Used properly, you’ll rarely ever have to clean your chain again.
The key is frequent application. Each Dry Lube application actually cleans, flushes, and relubes. The lube goes on wet, but dries to a dry, hard wax. Dirt, dust and grime won’t stick to a wax lube. what contaminants do settle onto the chain are shed by the natural flaking action of the Wax Lube, or are easily flushed off during the next lube application.
Wax lubes have two disadvantages: first, Wax lubes require frequent application, every 50 to 150 miles depending upon conditions. second, they do not last long in rain, wet muddy conditions or through frequent deep stream crossings. .