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Returns of unused items are subject to the deduction of shipping costs and a 15% restocking fee.

Q: What are the steps I need to take to return an item to 2qbike® Online Store?
A: You must obtain a Return For Inspection (RFI) number prior to returning any product to 2qbike® Online Store. For complete instructions on returning a product to 2qbike® Online Store, please read the Returns, Exchanges and Credits section.

Q: Why must I obtain a Return For Inspection (RFI) number prior to returning an item to 2qbike® Online Store?
A: You must obtain an RFI number so that we can easily identify your package when it is returned to our warehouse. Prompt identification allows for expedited handling. Any package returned to our warehouse that does not have an RFI number will not be accepted.

Q: When can I expect to receive the item I sent to 2qbike® Online Store for repair?
A: We will notify you of the status of your repair by e-mail or by phone. The length of time it takes for us to repair your item depends on the nature of the repair.

Q: Can I exchange a product I purchased on 2qbike® Online Store?
A: You can exchange an item as long as the original purchase meets all of the return criteria. However, we will not reship a product until we receive the original item back for inspection.

Q: Can I return an item for store credit?
A: No. Any credits will be made to the credit card used for the original purchase provided that all return guidelines are met, and subject to restocking fees.

Q: Is there a restocking fee on any returned merchandise?
A: You will be charged a 15% restocking fee in addition to shipping charges.

Q: Is there a preferred method by which I should return an item to 2qbike® Online Store?
A: Ship your return prepaid and insured for the full purchase price by a carrier that offers package tracking.