Safe use

o-ring and x-ring safe on, ensures maximum chain and sprocket life.

Contains Ceramic

The best performance, and longest chain life and adhesion combining the best ceramic lubrication technology.

Did you know?

XJ1 is avaible on 56ml do carry on always on your motorbike.

Economic solution

With refill skils your 56ml can is economic fill from the 500ml.




Synthetic oil with ceramic, for bikes chains, on and off-road.
Xj1 is an advanced lubricant for bike chains, SYNTHETIC with ceramic, that sets a new standard in the lubrication of chains.
It was developed to combat corrosion through chemical action and to resist water washing, leaving a uniform layer protective against aggressive agents.
The motorcycle chain operates in a very harsh environment, with frequent and prolonged contact with the moisture during the winter months, so it is important to use oils and chain lubricants.
Without adequate protection and lubricants, corrosion can quickly deteriorate the chain, which can result in increased friction reducing chain life.
The operating temperature of the current is also reduced to 20° C compared to competing products.
As a result the chain will last longer and ensure a smooth and efficient transfer of power to the rear wheel, reducing the need of frequent adjustment.
It is your responsibility to evaluate the current condition, lubrication and adjustment as part of regular security.
Suitable for standard chains and O-Ring and X-Ring.
It forms a lubricating white film for long, with excellent resistance to high speed fling and washing - out of water.
Low-friction coating to reduce the operating temperature and prolonged chain life.
Excellent protection against corrosion of metals resulting from exposure to moisture and sun.
There is an extremely useful kit that includes everything you need to clean and lubricate chains.
The chain lubricant refill XJ1 can be filled from the larger tin.
The kit includes a microfiber polishing wipe and a CD with a video demonstration of the kit.


How to use

Put the bike on a center stand and spray on a clean chain leaving to absorb (apply with the bike off).
Leave the bike stopped briefly. Spray well the chain.
Let soak briefly. Wipe clean with a cloth. Let dry. Then spray with XJ1.
The periodic application of the product XJ1 in chain lubrication extends the life of the whole chains kit.
life of the chain kit.


Using XJ1




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XJ1 is the best Chain lube in the world. XJ1 is an chain lube that utilizes the latest  innovation in chain CERAMIC lubricant technology,  ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT FLING OFF .2Q.2QBIKE

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